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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Open Letter from American Socialist Society to The North Star

Note: American Socialist Society, or ASS members address each other as "Neighbor," rather than the usual leftist term of Comrade.

TO: Editorial Board of The North Star

Speaking on behalf of the American Socialist Society, or ASS, I must most heartily protest some of the disturbing changes at The North Star, since the resignation from your editorial board by one of our members Pham Binh. As you are probably aware Neighbor Binh, serves on the leadership body, the Neighborhood Watch, of ASS.

You claim that the current policy is necessary so, in your own words, "people no longer confuse us with a neoconservative site as we have stopped excluding views that differ from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy." Please be advised that it is not ASS who has adopted the views of the Washington Institute for near East Policy. On the contrary, it is they who have adopted the views of ASS! 

As readers of The North Star are well aware of ASS is not alone in our support of US military intervention in Syria. We have to assume that this new change will also negatively affect our stalwart Australian co-thinkers, supporters of The Last Super Power, under the exemplary pro- imperialist leadership of Arthur Dent.

As a result of this "new direction" another member of our leadership team, Clay Claiborne, has assumed, probably correctly, any future  articles, submitted by him, calling for US military intervention in Syria, in the finest tradition of the late Christopher Hitchens, will be rejected. Neighbor Claiborne has become so distraught by this probable action on your part, that he has taken to roaming the streets of Venice, CA, where he resides, dressed only in a bathrobe, and slippers, mumbling quietly to himself.

The final provocation was the banning of our General Secretary ( sometimes referred to as Chief Neighbor) Louis Proyect, from your website. This was done by blocking the ISP of Chief Neighbor Proyect's computer. Just because Chief Neighbor Proyect bans serious anti-imperialist Leftists  from websites he moderates doesn't give The North Star the right to assume a "chickens coming home to roost" attitude.

This attack upon our leadership is an attack upon our membership as well. An injury to one Ass-ist is an injury to all Ass-ists! Rest assured these attacks will not go unanswered. We will taunt you!

God Bless America,

Mary Barnes Ratchet
American Socialist Society

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