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Monday, July 7, 2014

New Perceptions For Socialism: Don't resist and God Bless America

New Perceptions for Socialism is a leftist discussion group on Facebook. These "new" perceptions appear to be that any fight back is doomed to failure, because the state has a repressive apparatus, and even more surprisingly, the left must adopt US patriotism.

Down with Resistance! Up With Voting!

Angie Delacroix the moderator of the group asks, apparantly rhetorically,  "are we going to see an uprising?" She then proceeds to answer her own question. " No we won't! The idea of a vanguard party taking the streets is blatantly idiotic-almost laughable. Signs, fists , sticks, rocks vs. helicopters, tanks, assault rifles---well guess who would win? Anarchists are usually idealistic, clueless folk into a culture of revolutionary pretense, disorganized into fearing necessary hierarchy and whose military prowess is pathetic. They can yell real loud, make romantic style set designs, bang drums,  pass joints, take down a website, and act as agent provocatuers getting any real socialist shot. " Angie manages to trash Anarchists and revolutionary Socialists, simultanously. She also reveals a woeful ignorance of the history of struggle and social change. 

Angie goes on to say, "however if people voted for 'soft-socialists'  who outlawed multinationals and placed strict laws on corporations and banned political collusion with corporations, we'd get somewhere".  Since these political platforms would be limited to "curbing the power of corporations," then are we to assume that issues such as poverty, unemployment, lack of health care, and military intervention abroad, are off the table? Sure sounds like it.

One can only assume that the recent Occupy Movement must have been her worst nighmare. I can picture here calling out to the protestors, "is everyone here registered to vote?"  So apparantly the only option for the left is electoral politics.

God Bless America

" If democratic-socialists want to take down corporate rule,then they need to consider patriotism! .......Get real and consider using USA flags at rallies rather than Red flags. ....... If you go for every ideal espoused by Robespierre or Marx, then you get nothing but killed. " Angie give us a twofer with these lines: resistance is futile, and the joys of patriotism. One can only imagine her advising advocates of racial equality in the US south during the 1950's and 1960's, to adopt the Confederate flag and the anthem, Dixie, as symbols of the Civil Rights movement.

So according to this, we are supposed to be patriotic, loyal and grateful for poverty, homelessnes, unemployment, union busting, imperialism, and all sorts of social ills. Whatever we do, don't offend anyone.

I can't help but notice, all those who oppose resistance, in favor of an electoral only perspective, are generally people who are doing well, economically, under the current economic and social system. Their perspective seems to be, as long as they're doing fine, the rest of us need to shut up. 

What is further disturbing about the so called New Perspectives, face book group, is that there are people in the group, who know better, yet never challenge the reactionary views of the moderator. 

Further reading:  The American Flag: Symbol of a Monstrous Lie

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