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Monday, July 7, 2014

"Leftist" Enemies of the Left

There are those who refer to themselves as "Leftist", who apparantly are of the opinion that the ruling class needs assistance in smashing the Left. By Leftist I refer to those who consider themselves to the left of liberalism. I include Leninists, Council Communists, Anarchists, Greens, and Social Demcrats. These "leftist" enemies of the Left include several types.


Advocates of this position claim  that revolutionaries should only organize revolutionary organizations when a revolution is in progress. Contrary to historical example, they believe that preparation before hand is not only unnecessary, but even potentially harmful. The extreme version of this tendency claims that organizing for a revolution is no more difficult "then calling up some friends to go to a movie."

Supporters of the liquidation of all socialist organizations, are usually former members of cadre or Leninist type revolutionary organizations. For the most part, they're people who are doing quite well, economically. They dominate the Unrepentant Marxist website and Grumpy Old Man Mail (aka Marxmail) discussion list. These petit-bourgesoie dilettantes, keyboard warriors, and talk shop revoltuionaries are "leftist" enemies of the Left and should be treated accordingly.

Stop the Right

This tendency argues that the only option the Left has is to "stop the right" which is accomplished by lobbying elected officials and electing Democrats.  They describe the right as those forces who favor escalation of the war against the poor, the destruction of labor unions, who oppose a massive jobs program, and support the expansion of  US military bases overseas. Supporters of this tendency appear to have significant support  from the membership of Committees of Correspondence for Democratic Socialism, and Progressive Democrats of America.

They prefer nott being remindedl that it was during the administration of a Democrat Bill Clinton, that the escalaltion of the war against the poor, in the form of Welfare Reform passed. They seem forgetful it  was Bill Clinton who pushed through NAFTA,  that cost union jobs in the US. They prefer not to be reminded it was this same Bill Clinton, who supported financial deregulation, which in turn contributed to the economic meltdown of 2008. They fail to acknowledge, that the number of US military bases overseas, increased during the Obama administration, and that Obama, himself is opposed to a massive jobs program, to alleviate unemployment.

The Stop the Right types, are opposed to the policy of single issue coalitions, such as those engaged in anti war or strike support actions, having a non exclusionary policy of membership. What is meant by non exclusionary,  is that all who support the goals of the coalition are allowed to participate, regardless of their position on other issues.

These coalitions usually have a non electoral policy. The Stop the Right advocates, are adamant that coalitions organized around specific demands have an electoral and lobbying perspective, and demand the expulsion of anyone who disagrees. They're not big on the democratic process. Supporters of Stop the Right are "leftist" enemies of the Left and should be treated accordingly.

Trash the Poor and the Unemployed

This trend denies the existence of involuntary poverty and unemployment among native born workers. Advocates of this position tend to be older, usually people who radicalized during the 1960's and 1970's. This position has the strongest support among Anarchists over age 50 in the San Francisco Bay Area, and a few adherents among the membership of Progressive America Rising. They occasionally post on the Kasama Project website.

One especially insulting and reactionary claim by these types, is that the poor and unemployed have themselves to blame for not using their computers to come up with some sort of self employment "$20-$60 per hour" scheme. Such people are "leftist" enemies of the left and should be treated accordingly.

Third Worldist

This tendency, with the exception of a few Anarchists, for the most part tend to be supporters of Maoism. They justify their position by claiming, "no manner how bad off the economically disenfranchised in the developed countries are, people in the developing world are worse off. How do the poor in the US think their complaining sounds to the international proletariat?" Their words, not mine. This is another group that seems to have found a home at the Kasama Project.

I would not advise telling someone who has just had their house forelcosed,  or are still unemployed after exhausting their unemployment benefits,  how well off they are. These find joy in your poverty, types are "leftist" enemies of the left and should be treated accordingly.


My own personal opinion is that the only solution to reversing the 40 year offensive against working people, is a mass upsurge, up to and including insurrection. In preparation, the Left will have to purge the 'leftist" enemies of the Left, from it's ranks. If this fails we can expect the US to go the way of Italy and Germany between the two world wars.  Rosa Luxemburg got it right when she described our options as "socialism or barbarism." There is no middle ground.

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